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Malvern Churches' Easter Journey 2021

Every year in recent times the Churches Together in Malvern have organised Good Friday walks of witness starting at various churches in the Malvern area and converging on Great Malvern Priory for an open air service in the Priory churchyard. In 2021, with lockdown regulations still in force in England, it was necessary to cancel the walk but many of the churches were keen to mount an "Easter Journey" with scenes at various churches depicting events described in the biblical account of the crucifixion of Jesus. Below we record the journey with some photographs of the resulting scenes/displays, some more graphic than others, but all having a symbolic significance. 


Here is a map showing the locations:

Palm Sunday (at Great Malvern Priory)















The Last Supper (at St Andrew's Poolbrook)


The Garden of Gethsemane (at the Baptist Church)


   Peter denies Jesus (at Lansdowne Crescent Methodist Church)                   The cockerel (who crowed, sometimes!)














Beaten & whipped (at Little Malvern Priory)                                                      The Crucifixion (at St Mathias')



















          The Temple Curtain Torn (at Holy Trinity)                      The Empty Tomb (at St James', West Malvern)



















        Doubting Thomas (at St Mary's, Pickersleigh)                                                     Ascension (at the Salvation Army)   



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