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Jigsaw Puzzles

Do you like doing Jigsaws?

I have started a Jigsaw Puzzle Lending Library at Lansdowne, so I will need any jigsaws which you no longer wish to keep.  If there are a few pieces missing, please say so on the lid, so that the borrowers don't waste time looking for them.  It would be helpful to put the pieces in a sealable plastic bag inside the box, to make sure the pieces don't fall out.  There will be a small charge for borrowing them, 50p for up to 500 pieces and £1 for over 500 pieces, to raise money for Lansdowne's Funds.

Please give your jigsaws to me for listing and numbering.  They will then be put in the Library, which is near the piano in the Welcome Room.

Thank You.            

Cynthia Merriman

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A few of the selection of jigsaw puzzles

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