Malvern Welcomes

We last updated you in November, when we were eagerly expecting two more refugee families to come to Malvern.  We are delighted to say that they have both arrived, one under our own scheme of 'Full Community Sponsorship' and a second under the County Council scheme.  All four with their ten children were happily present at the Christmas gathering organised by Dick and Diana Stockford, and it was lovely to see how they are already thriving and making friends.

Needless to say, there are many needs and we have been working hard to support the different families as they find their way to schools, hospitals, the job centre.  As Malvern Welcomes we are responsible for providing English lessons for the Community Sponsorship families, and our team of teachers is a joy and totally committed. Language is the key route to empowerment and self sufficiency, and they are movingly committed to getting to grips with English, as well as with shops, the bus and train system, cycling and many more challenges.

Creating a sane and safe route to independence takes a lot of subtle support.  There are also many expenses, including highly necessary interpreter services.  You, the congregation at Lansdowne Crescent Methodist Church, have already been extraordinarily generous in your support, in cash, in gifts in kind and in volunteer time.  We are thrilled to be your chosen charity this year.  We hope your generosity can encourage others, as we long to welcome another two families in this coming year. We hope the County Council will do the same.

Our biggest constraint at present is suitable housing. If you think you might have accommodation to make available, at a rent payable with housing benefit, then do please talk to us - see our web site for contact and membership information:

Rosemary Thorpe,

Malvern Welcomes