Lyttelton Well


The Well Counselling service has grown and developed as an agency in the last three years. They now have 25 counsellors on board.

It all began over 20 years ago and is now widely accepted and recommended by local medical services. 

‘The counselling we provide is crucial,’ said Tim Marks, deputy head of counselling. 

‘Statistics for people suffering from depression or anxiety are enormous. We are now the first port of call with many local doctors. ‘Most of the people who come to us are not, in the clinical sense, mentally ill but they are suffering from profound anxiety or unhappiness which is making them feel ill. There is no pill for that.’  He added that the counselling service fulfils part of the mission of Lyttelton Well. ‘The cafe and the book shop provide hospitality and friendship and the counselling service offers compassion and hope.’ 

The Well Counselling now has three counselling rooms and all counsellors are members of a professional counselling association, such as BACP. They are all either fully qualified or are undergoing intensive training. They offer individual counselling, couple counselling and a 16-19 young people’s service. There is help available for those with concerns relating to abuse, anxiety, relationships, depression, bereavement and many more issues. 

The Well Counselling is a part of the Lyttelton Well, a Christian charity and those receiving counselling are invited to support the work of the Counselling service by donation. There is, however, no pressure put on those who cannot or do not wish to donate. 

So If you know of anyone who might feel they need counselling please tell them about us and ask them to contact the reception desk, which is open from 9.30-4.30 every weekday, on 01684 563456.

And please remember us in your prayers.