Lyttelton Well


April 15th marks exactly 25 years since the day when the Lyttelton Well first opened its doors.  It was a few days later, on April 24th 1993, that we had a wonderful opening service in the Priory, followed by unveiling of a plaque at the Well by Lord Lyttelton.  What a lot has happened in those 25 years! So many people have found blessing, whether as volunteers, customers in the café or bookshop, clients of the counselling service, or users of the rooms. Many other projects like the Well flare into life and then, before long, fizzle out – whether from lack of finance, or lack of volunteers, or customers.  That has not been the story of the Well.  Thanks to the support of many volunteers from many churches, and to wise management, and to much prayer, the Well has become an established, and valued and loved part of the high street.  The café is a favourite watering hole for many locals and visitors – they love the ambience and the friendliness of the voluntary staff, not to mention the good food.  The bookshop is a wonderful resource for Christian books – and, if they don’t have the one you want, they soon get it for you.  The counselling service is in steadily increasing demand for its professional excellence and affordability (donations, not charges). We now have 23 volunteer, professional
counsellors, and are a recognised training post for counsellors, and finally we have a growing chaplaincy service with eleven volunteer members providing a listening ear in the café and bookshop on a daily basis as well as help to people in immediate need of Christian support.”

Next month, on April 15th, at 3 pm, there will be a service in the Priory to celebrate all this, and to thank God for His blessing on the Well. After the service refreshments will be served in the Lyttelton Rooms, and there will be an opportunity for any who wish to see the fascinating DVD of how the Well began. See if you can recognise certain people as they were 25 years ago! See whether they have weathered as well as the Well!

If you support the Well in any way you will of course want to be there on April 15th! If you don’t know much about the Well you will of course want to be there to find out more!  If you know nothing about the Well it will of course be your priority to join us and see what it is all about! It is a wonderful story!  Let’s make it a day when we look back, and look forwards, and thank and praise God for His blessing on the Well over 25 years! See you there?

David Webster