Malvern Hills Foodbank

On behalf of the Malvern Hills Foodbank I would like to thank you and your congregations for your support of the Foodbank during the past year.  During the period from 1 January to 31 December 2019 over 5979kg of food and other items have been donated by congregations in the greater Malvern area.  This represents some 20.5% of the food and other items donated to the Foodbank during the year.

The Foodbank had a busy time during 2019 and has seen a 66% increase (over 2018) in the number of food parcels distributed.  During the period 1 January - 31 December 2019 we distributed over 36500kg of food to 2814 people in need, of whom 1060 were children.  In early December volunteers also packed some 1000kg of food into 100 Christmas boxes.  These boxes were distributed to families in the area and hopefully gave 100 families a better Christmas than they would otherwise have had.

Through the generosity of many local people and businesses we are able to support countless families who never expected to need our assistance but who have found hemselves in impossible situations.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated since sadly the demand for food parcels in the greater Malvern Hills area continues.

With our thanks and best wishes for 2020,                                         

Ann Baker

On behalf of Malvern Hills Foodbank