Newsletter and Copy Deadlines

Welcome to NewsLINK, the combined monthly newsletter of the Malvern Methodist Churches: Somers Park Avenue (SPA), Lansdowne Crescent (LCMC) and Upper Welland (UW). It is issued at the begining of the month as a paper edition but occasionally, such as (in some years) July-August and December-January, may appear bimonthly. In such circumstances our web edition endeavours to update the paper copy where this is possible. Not all information appearing in the paper newsletter will necessarily be reproduced in this section but may appear on an appropriate page of the Churches' websites (see links on the main menu bar).

Welcome to your Corona edition of NewsLINK

Although it is rather more limited in scope with no events to publicise, it was nonetheless felt that in the uncertain days we are presently experiencing it would be helpful to circulate NewsLINK as far as we are able without it actually being printed.  It does mean we can introduce some colour!  Please feel welcome to share your news and experiences and send in items in the usual way for the May edition.

Items for the May edition of  NewsLINK

should reach the Editor

no later than Tuesday 14th April please.

SPA information to Iris Skilton by Sunday 12th April at the latest.