Lansdowne Question Time Public Debates/Discussions, Malvern

This successful series of debates/discussions organised/run by and held in Lansdowne Crescent Methodist Church has clearly engaged the interest of many people in the Malvern Hills area many of whom do not normally attend any church. The feedback provided has been very positive in all regards.

Major issues concerned with vulnerable people have been highlighted and the Church has identified itself in the public mind with a high profile for social justice issues and the common good, traditional Methodist emphases.

The list of debates/discussions is as follows…….

1.October 2014 “Why a Foodbank in Malvern?” (audience 120)

2.March 2015 “ Affordable Housing or Green Fields?” (audience 100)

3.October 2015 “Worcestershire NHS: More or Less?” (audience 60)

4.March 2016“ European Union: Remain In or Leave?”(audience 120)

5.October 2016 “ Influence of Migration on the UK: What does the Future Hold?” (audience 120)

6. 25 March 2017 “Mental Health Matters: how do we Challenge Stigma and Rethink Resources?”

7.  21 October 2017 ”Is Malvern a Safe Place to Live?“

At each debate, members of the audience submit about 30 questions and participate, and some 30 feedback forms are completed.

We are extremely grateful to all 34 panel members and independent chairpersons who have contributed to the debates to date---men, women and students aged from 17 through to 70 plus----local senior politicians, professionals and topic experts. Students/church members have filmed/recorded the debates and produced the debate/discussion videos/audios. All debates have been promoted and reported in local newspapers. A team of about 20 church members is involved in the organising and running of these public debates/discussions.

Barry Jones, Lead Debate Organiser, Training Toglet, Lansdowne Crescent Methodist Church, Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 2AW (                                                          

 24th October 2017