News from Upper Welland


Our Harvest Thanksgiving Weekend raised a total of £350 for ‘All We Can’. The service on the Sunday was well led by Mr. Alex Laird, one of our Preachers on Trial.  He was only one of the four new preachers who graced our pulpit in the month of October.  This development in our Circuit is very pleasing to us here at Upper Welland.  The Harvest Supper was a blessing to all who came.

Three of our elderly members have experienced recent medical treatments; Maureen, Mary and Brenda are in our thoughts and prayers.

The Light Bite Lunch on November 13th will be followed by a sharing of remembrances by those present. There will be no speaker.

We shall be busy filling shoe boxes during this month, hoping to beat our record of 25 last year, contributed to the 400+ sent from the Upton churches.

Geoff Blackmore

Senior Steward

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