News from Upper Welland


That we are in the Summer holiday season is evident from the smaller number attending our Sunday services. We sometimes pass below the ‘half empty/full’ mark, but enthusiastic worship is still maintained.  Our new NRSV bibles are being used and appreciated by some who attend.

Our June Light Bite Lunch was attended and addressed by our minister Re.v Alison Richards.  She shared a set of photographs of her involvement with the activities of her three church communities.  Her description of many of them ended with the phrase ‘and it was such fun!’.  She made a point of appreciating the contribution that ‘her little chapel’ had made to the tremendous experience she has encountered in her first full ministry.  “Every minister”, she said “should have a little chapel to look after!”  We do appreciate all that she has done for the members of our church, both collectively and individually.  We shall express this to her at her last service with us on July 9th.

We have decided to give a holiday to our Light Bite Lunches in July and August, starting afresh on Tuesday September 12th.  A speaker has yet to be arranged.

By then, too, Judy and I hope to be well settled in our new home in Upton upon Severn.

Geoffrey Blackmore

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