News from Upper Welland


The May ‘Get Together’ was much enjoyed by the small well-filled people who met after the first of our Summer lunches.  (This means that soups are no longer on the menu!).  We met to listen to a retired teacher, Wendy Deddicott, who takes her artistic skills into residential homes in our area.  Her main challenge lies in persuading her listeners to try their hands at drawing and colouring pictures.  Wendy uses water-based coloured pencils so the only liquid used is water.  She had some wonderful stories to tell, changing names so that the ‘artists’ could not be identified.  We, too, were encouraged to try!  Wendy spoke with great enthusiasm and deep satisfaction when her clients achieved something that was worth displaying.  She had some examples of what they had painted.  Wendy had her own greeting cards for sale, and also a book of her poems which was much admired on reading by one of our members

A Saturday in mid-May found us feeding ourselves and a few visitors with afternoon tea and cakes. It gave an opportunity to see our refurbished kitchen, now in regular in use.  Our speaker after our June Light Bite Lunch on the 13th will be our Minister, Rev. Alison Richards.  We anticipate a sharing of memorable words!

Geoffrey Blackmore

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