News from Upper Welland


We had an interesting time at our June Get Together. John Rogers was showing us his collection of clay pipes, and telling of their place in the history of tobacco smoking.  We always start our time together, after our usual lunch, with a hymn and a prayer, and were discussing which hymn might be appropriate for such a topic.  My clever wife, (80 on the 4th of this month) suggested the hymn with the phrase ‘blaze, Spirit blaze’ in it. So, of course, we sang that one!

Our next Light Bite Lunch will be on Tuesday 10th July from 12.45 pm,
followed by a Get Together at which our friend Lois Green will be the speaker. Please support us in this effort.

We shall be taking a break from our weekly events in August, and hope that at the start of the new Methodist year in September we can attract more people to our Lunches and Coffee Mornings. Recent numbers have been very disappointing; and when speakers travel some distance, it becomes embarrassing. Please help us!

      Geoffrey Blackmore


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