Lifepath Malvern

Yes – Lifepath Malvern is happening again in 2018! - June 18th to 22nd

The Lifepath Malvern Steering Group is well underway with planning for this year’s Lifepath – we already have over 600 children booked from 19 local schools and over 200 volunteers but we still need more help!  Please consider whether you might be able to help this year and contact us as soon as possible.  We have many different roles to fill, taking a group of children on the Lifepath journey through the day, helping with activities, serving refreshments, welcoming visitors, praying for the week, and lots more…

In case you are unsure, here’s a reminder of what Lifepath is.  Lifepath gives primary school children a day to explore Malvern’s Christian heritage through the story of Aldwyn and the monks who established the Priory in 1085.  Suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils, Lifepath includes a variety of Activity Groups, discussion and Collective Worship with action-songs and stories, and space for everyone to reflect on their own ‘lifepath’.  As a local church + school project initiated by Scripture Union, Lifepath is now held at different venues around the country and has already been enjoyed by thousands of schoolchildren in Malvern and the surrounding area.

We get fantastic feedback from both children and teachers.  This couldn’t happen without fantastic teamwork and, above all, prayer.  Please will you pray that every aspect of Lifepath this year will be inspired by God’s Holy Spirit and enveloped in the love of Christ.

Every year we rely upon generous donations from churches and individuals to fund Lifepath Malvern.  No contribution is too small; donations can be made to ‘Lifepath Malvern’ via the Treasurer, Mr. Peter Renger, c/o The Priory Parish Office, Church Street, Malvern, WR14 2AY.

For more information, contact Rosamund Ponting or Lifepath Admin, c/o Priory Parish Office or email