Lifepath Malvern

                      Held in the week 18th-22nd June 2018.


It is perhaps the memory of the sound of children’s voices and laughter that will linger longest after a hugely successful Lifepath in June.

More than 600 children and 140 volunteers descended on the Priory during a sun-soaked week in which they took part in 14 different activities. Whether they dug for hidden treasures, cooked in the Monk’s kitchen, rang the church bells or tried out the techniques of building a church that won’t fall down the keynotes were fun and faith.

Under the excellent and extraordinarily calm guidance of Ros Ponting and her many helpers we were led down a joyous Christian path celebrating the magnificent Priory and the history of its faith. As they left for home at the end of each day, the children waved to the banner holders with smiles on their faces and perhaps with a small seed planted in their hearts.

The volunteers, from the many Malvern Churches, who were each dressed in the white robes of the founding Benedictine monks, guided children from 19 local primary schools through the day and the children, encouraged by an enthusiastic Music Maz, sang the action songs with gusto.

Margaret Buchanan and David Webster led the worship and few will forget the antics of Bodgeit and Scarper or the message behind the hugely entertaining story of building on a rock or the sand. The children loved it.

So many people put in so much effort for the week that it is impossible to mention everyone but special thanks go to Catherine Ponting for working out the time table for the childrens’ activities, and together with Ros working out the rota for the Activity Group leaders, Pilgrim Guides, Stewards and Refreshment Volunteers all of which worked very smoothly.

The reflection from Peter Renger which he gave at the Commissioning Service was that ‘we should be one’ which was so evident during the week – that the volunteers are all one in Christ no matter which church they come from.  Truly Churches Together in Malvern (and beyond) in action.

We continue to pray for the children who attended, that seeds sown will continue to grow, for the teachers and helpers who came and for each other.

Lord, you showed us the path of life and in your presence we felt the fullness of joy.

Mary Rowswell