Introducing NewsLINK

When the team that had been producing Somers Park Avenue’s ‘Link’ newsletter expressed a desire to relinquish this task, I was approached by Alison and asked if I would be prepared to edit a new combined publication for all three of the Malvern churches.  Despite having been associated with Lansdowne’s Newsletter for more years than I care to remember, I agreed to give it a go, and this is the result.

Giving consideration to a possible name, I felt that it was important to either incorporate something from each of what had gone before or choose something entirely different.  By settling on ‘NewsLINK’ I have gone down the former route, which will enable Somers Park friends to continue to refer to it as ‘The Link’ if they so wish, whilst those at Lansdowne and Upper Welland will probably still talk about the ‘Newsletter’!

We have a new cover, and I am very grateful to Alec Smith who has kindly provided a picture of Somers Park church and has also produced an updated picture of Upper Welland.  Thank you Alec!

What’s in a number?  The Lansdowne Newsletter had reached number 516 and ‘The Link’ had notched up 495 issues.  It seemed sensible to make this a new start from No. 1. 

At this point I would like to add thanks on behalf of all readers to the team that have producing ‘The Link’ over a number of years, as well as those who have supported the ‘Newsletter’.  Iris has agreed to continue to receive and forward items from Somers Park and I appreciate her help.  Alternatively they can be sent directly to me.  Please remember to keep me informed by not only sending details of forthcoming events, but also reporting what has taken place in the life of the church.  Family news is welcome too, and depending on availability of space pictures can sometimes be included.  To reproduce acceptably in black and white, photos need to be sharp and with plenty of contrast.  It’s also useful to have other material to keep in reserve for when there is a page or two to be filled.  So please send in your contributions so that NewsLINK can adequately represent the life of all three of the Malvern Methodist churches.

Christopher Davis

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