Community Action, Malvern & District

Jacci Phillips, CEO of Community Action, writes:

The new service that we were planning this time last year is now up and running and doing very well for itself. Helping Hands helps older people who may need a bit of extra help sometimes. When we started we thought it would be things like housework, shopping and gardening but in reality it has turned into a much more bespoke service. It does indeed help people with some light housework and a bit of gardening but we have also taken a lady to choose and buy a new car, we have helped with paperwork and lots of other little things that make life so much easier for people to stay independent for longer. Sometimes it’s something very easy like changing a light bulb; but that is essential for someone who may not be able to reach it so please spread the word to anyone you may know who would benefit from our service. We have now got gift vouchers and we have already been told that they make great presents.

As always, we are extremely grateful to many of the churches in Churches Together. Thanks to you we have been able to bring joy on Sunday afternoons to our loneliest and most vulnerable clients. We have been steadfast in our mission to reduce social isolation for as many people as possible and we are very pleased to have you by our side. The Sunday Tea Club is cherished by the people who attend it. They absolutely love to meet up with friends old and new and catch up with the gossip and reminisce about times gone by. This is only possible because of your generosity and warm hearts, you make them feel so welcomed, so a huge thank you from them as well as from us!

Demand for our Car Service and Shoparound projects are on the rise again. Once people have used our service, they feel the benefit of our wonderful volunteers and the unique service that they provide they want to use us again and again.  This is absolutely fine with us, what else are we here for if not to provide that feeling of support and safety to our clients?  Obviously this does mean that the demand for volunteers never ceases but we are lucky that the ones we have always go that extra mile (sometimes literally!) to make sure everyone is happy.

I’m sure you will have seen our minibuses around town. Did you know that you can hire them for your group? We can provide a driver or if you want to use our bus regularly then we can train one of your members to drive it.  We also have two wheelchair adapted cars which are available should you know anyone that is stuck in their home not able to go out because of the lack of suitable transport.

None of what we do would happen at all without our volunteers. Although each project has its own ‘group’ of volunteers, quite often one of our volunteer receptionists, for example, will also become a car driver as well and also maybe an escort on the minibus! We like to think we offer a wide and varied choice of options; not just the traditional ‘car driver’. Whether you are making cakes, driving a minibus, fundraising, cutting grass or answering the phone you are worth your weight in gold to us. So if you think you may like to join us then please get in touch (our phone number is 01684 892381), the kettle is always on and we would be pleased to talk to you about what you would like to do with us.