Sunset in Devon, November 1997


Sunset in Devon

  November 1997

I stand in a pool of theatrical mist

Beneath the deepening sky,

Where the colours of orange and indigo, mixed,

Cradle the moon as she sails by;

And there to the south is the evening star

Above the black outline of trees,

Where the filigreed branches cap hills afar,

Stirred by a murmur of breeze.


And as the night darkens the heavens are filled

With eyes of a million souls,

And just for a moment my life is stilled,

Surrounded by mist which rolls

Down from the hills which reach up to the stars,

Those watchers of future and past,

And somewhere, perhaps between Venus and Mars,

Wisdom and knowledge is vast.


Written during a journey home from Worcestershire

 inspired by All Souls Day

and the beauty of a Devon sunset.


Mo Brown