Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline

The Malvern branch of Chernobyl Children Lifeline is looking for hosts for this year’s health boosting holiday for children living in the area still affected by the Chernobyl explosion over 30 years ago.  The children will be approx. 11 years old and stay in homes in pairs for either 2 or 4 weeks.  They come with a leader/translator and there are full days of out of home activities planned for them 3-4 days during the week and also some events at weekends.  Many local families have gained much from the experience over the last 12 years as well as it being of great benefit to the visiting children.  The hosting period will be between June 6th and July 4th.  If you think that you can help or would just like to find out more please contact Dorothy Knights at or 01684 561358.