Called to Lead Worship?

Worship Leaders are people who feel called by God to help the members of their local congregation to worship in greater depth and with greater understanding.  They are trained and commissioned by the church to carry out this important work.

Worship Leaders work alongside Ministers and Local Preachers to prepare and deliver acts of worship, both in church and in other contexts such as house groups, youth groups, and other church meetings.  They do not preach and may concentrate on specific parts of worship.  For example, some Worship Leaders specialise in children’s work.  Like Local Preachers, Worship Leaders are not expected to make themselves available every week, since the church recognises the varying demands on their time.


Training for Worship Leaders provides a broad background of skills and knowledge.  The Methodist Church course combines computer based study with practical activities and group discussions.  If you were undertaking the course, you would have the support of experienced mentors and tutors who would be available to help you.

If you would like to explore in more depth just what is involved and whether you have a calling to this work in the church, there are some booklets on the table at the back of the church, ‘Called to Lead Worship’.  If you would be happier with an informal chat, contact the Minister to arrange to get together.